Q. IS THIS FREE? [A. YES. Any Merchant with an actual brick and mortar storefront doing legal business in Reno, NV., can have a FREE listing in our directory (at a minimum it's a high quality link to your existing site) and a FREE WEBSITE if they choose to use the offer, courtesy of RenoWebCRAWL.com. The bottom line here is that merchants don't have to do anything different, new, additional, financial or technical in any way shape or form to get listed or to make a site, as all of this is automatic. They fill out a form and boom, done. No Webmaster, No Drama, No Money, No Hassle. This is technology that works for merchants, not against them.]

Q. I GOT A FREE WEBSITE DURING A CRAWL. What happens if I don't pay anything after my 14 day "freemium" trial period is over? [A. Your website will switch to the completely free version and some premium functionality will become unavailable to you at that time. If you find a better deal, you should take it]

Q. CAN I USE THE eCOMMERCE FUNCTIONALITY OF MY NEW WEBSITE? [A. Yes, If you have a Converge/Elavon, PayPal Payflow, or Authorize.Net account. If you don't have a merchant account you can still use standard PayPal.]

Q. DO I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING when I visit a merchant or can I just get my secret link and bounce? [A. Ask the merchant. We just facilitate the end result, either way. This is designed to get you into the store in real life.]

Q. WHAT CAN MY NEW WEBSITE DO THAT MAKES IT VALUABLE? [A. A lot. See the built in help once you are logged into your new website. This website itself (RenoWebCRAWL.com) is just like the type you will be given, you can change how it looks whenever you like by simply selecting another template. There are also many features and functions that are not used here that you can use on your site. All of this is up to you. It is your site, you are the admin, we just make it so you don't need mad computer guru skills to get and keep it running.]

Q. CAN I RUN A WEB CRAWL IN MY CITY? [A. Yes, visit iRadek.com, grab some technology and do your thing. It's free.]

Q. WHAT ABOUT THE DRINKING PART? [A. This is not that type of crawl. There are plenty of those in town so this is something else entirely. This is you getting something that is several orders or magnitude more valuable than a hangover.]